Update: U.S. Passport Holders Will Need a Visa to Travel to Europe in 2024

Beginning in 2024, American passport holders planning a trip to Europe will be required to obtain authorization through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) before embarking on their journey. Despite the current privilege of visa-free access to most European Union nations for U.S. citizens, this convenience is set to change with the implementation […]

Unemployment Benefits for Green Card Holders and Other Immigrant Workers

The US economy’s cooling due to rising interest rates and monetary policies is expected to increase unemployment rates. The foreign-born population’s unemployment rate declined from 5.6% to 3.4% from 2021-2022, slightly better than natives. Immigrants should be aware of the complicated unemployment insurance rules and the benefits available for green card holders and other immigrants. […]

Entering a U.S on a Visitor Visa with a Pending I-130 Petition

Obtaining a family-based green card can be lengthy, with some relationships taking months to obtain an immigrant visa. Visiting family in the US while waiting for an immigrant visa can be challenging. Nonimmigrant visas, such as B-1 or B-2 visitor visas, can be obtained with a pending I-130 petition. B-1 visas are typically used for […]

Visa Sponsorship and How It Works

Visa Sponsorship for Family There are a variety of family-based visas for nonimmigrant (temporary) purposes and immigrant (permanent) purposes. Green Card Sponsorship Family-based immigration is the most common method for obtaining a green card, with over 600,000 people getting one annually. Visa sponsorship comes from the petitioning relative or other sponsors, with some contributing income […]

How to Change Your F-1 Visa to a Green Card

F-1 Visa to Green Card through Family Family-based immigration laws in the US allow citizens and permanent residents to petition relatives for a green card, allowing them to adjust their status to permanent residents. Marriage to a U.S. citizen is a typical qualifying relationship. Applicants must have an immigrant visa and be physically present, and […]

3 Practical Benefits of U.S. Citizenship That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Benefits of U.S. Citizenship You May Not Have Considered 1.Less Expensive Becoming a U.S. citizen is more cost-effective than maintaining permanent resident status, as USCIS filing fees for naturalization are significantly less expensive in the long term. The current USCIS fee for replacing or renewing a green card is $540, while the one-time fee for […]

I-485 Checklist for Family-Based Applications

I-485 Checklist: Getting Ready to Fill Out the Application • Alien registration number (if applicable) • Passport (even if expired) • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record • Receipt number (if you have a pending or approved I-130 petition) • Address history for the most recent 5 years • Employment history for the most recent 5 years • […]

Ways to Afford a Green Card Application

Budget for The Application Fees Budget for higher fees when applying for a green card, and get your application in sooner to avoid higher prices. For instance, a marriage green card applicant applying from within the U.S. could pay more than double in fees, from $1,760 to $3,640 Consider Getting Help with Your Application Immigration […]