Certificate of Citizenship Replacment Process

Eligibility to Replace a Certificate

USCIS issues Certificates of Citizenship to individuals born outside the US who acquired U.S. citizenship through a U.S. parent. To replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed certificate, or those with legal changes in name, birth date, or gender, file Form N-600. Minor oversights can derail the application process.


Application to Replace Citizenship Certificate

To replace a Certificate of Citizenship, file Form N-565 with USCIS. This is for re-issuing citizenship documentation after citizenship has been granted. Avoid filing Form N-565 for permanent residents or those requiring an original Certificate of Citizenship. CitizenPath offers an affordable service to prepare the application, provide a checklist of supporting documents, and guarantee USCIS approval.


Reasons for Certificate of Citizenship Replacement Process

1. Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Document

To replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed Certificate of Citizenship, submit corroborating evidence such as a police report or sworn statement. USCIS requests details such as certificate number, date of issuance, and place of issuance. CitizenPath’s software can help with these questions if the document is no longer in possession.


2. Change of Document not Due to a USCIS Error

If you have an error or change on your Certificate of Citizenship, you can request a fix. If the U.S. government is at fault, they usually replace it at no cost. However, replacing a certificate due to an applicant’s error or change incurs a USCIS filing fee. Evidence for name, gender, and date of birth changes is required.


3. USCIS Typographical Error

If a certificate error is due to typographical or clerical errors, submit the original certificate and proof of correct information. No fee is required for this reason. Request a replacement certificate without fee if the certificate does not conform to the applicant’s application or if there was a clerical error.


4. Certificate Replacement Time

The Certificate of Citizenship replacement process typically takes less than a year, with USCIS occasionally offering quicker replacements. To reduce replacement time, prepare an accurate N-565 application package, provide evidence, and follow recommended documentation.


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