4 Things To Do After Becoming a US Citizen

1. Apply for a US Passport

You’ll need to apply for a US passport after naturalization. Visit travel.state.gov to download passport forms and find a passport acceptance facility near you.

2. Get Your Child A Certificate of Citizenship

You may apply for your child’s US passport at the same time as your passport, but it is also important to have proof of when your child acquired citizenship. Updating Social Security records also necessitates this documentation. For example, replacing a lost passport later in life will require a Certificate of Citizenship.

3. Update Your Social Security Record

Take the time to inform the SSA of your new status as a US citizen. Maintaining an accurate record is important for obtaining employment and other government services. If you fail to update your description, it could impact the information your employer receives about your work eligibility.

4. Register to Vote

This is both a right and a responsibility that comes with US citizenship. It’s likely that officials will provide you with a voter registration application at your naturalization ceremony. You may be able to register in person or by mail.

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